Hamza Nasir is a WebRTC Developer on the WebRTC.ventures team currently working with Vonage on their Video API platform. In collaboration with Vonage team member, Talha Ahsan, Hamza has written an Attention Detection web application tutorial showing how to integrate the Vonage Video API with TensorFlow’s MediaPipe face detection model.

Using attention detection technology can have a big impact on video conferencing in the education field, online meetings, and many more use cases. It allows presenters to gauge how participant interest fluctuates over certain parts of their meetings or lectures. It can also be used to help teachers ensure that students are paying attention.

The Attention Detection tutorial covers:

  1. How Attention Detection Works
  2. Obtaining the Face Landmarks
  3. Calculating the Pitch and Yaw
  4. Scoring User Attention
  5. Integrating with Vonage Video API

Read the full post on the Vonage Developer blog: “Attention Detection with Vonage Video API“.

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