Our team at WebRTC.ventures generally works independently to build your WebRTC application. But we can also can work side-by-side with your team to augment their capabilities. One of our talented WebRTC Engineers, Jacob Greenway, is working with the team at Dyte in this capacity.

Dyte provides low code, developer-friendly live video SDKs that allows you to easily add 1:1 calls, group calls and webinars right within your platform. Jacob worked with them on a revamp of their developer portal in order to provide the very best QoS metrics. This included:

  1. WebRTC Stats Collection
  2. Collation and Interpretation
  3. Network and Client Performance
  4. Quality Limitation
  5. Pre-call Network Stats

Read the full post on the Dyte blog: Developer Portal Revamp: Adding Quality Stats.

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