Have you experimented with building WebRTC apps and wished that you could get in on one of the hottest development paths out there in 2022? Now is your chance to get free expert training on WebRTC and to join our team of WebRTC development experts!

A new industrial revolution

With the pandemic, the business world has been forced to make a shift to remote work and more creative business models. This is not going to change. There is no going back to normal, even for traditional industries like healthcare and education. While not every doctor’s visit will be a telehealth visit and students won’t be doing online education every day, these are obvious examples of how our society has changed. Remote interaction patterns are becoming a permanent part of our global culture. Virtually every industry has been affected.

Live video applications are the engine that is allowing the global economy to continue to grow when we cannot perform our usual business and personal activities in person. We are witnessing the beginning of a new industrial revolution. Developers like you will be the ones helping the world adapt to these changes.

An unprecedented need for WebRTC development … and WebRTC Developers

Whether it’s live streaming applications, meeting tools, online education classrooms, remote camera controls, or countless other apps … the need for WebRTC development has never been greater. We have seen unprecedented interest from our customers and we need to add more engineers to our team! That’s where you come in.

Our team at WebRTC.ventures has been one of the leading global integrators of WebRTC and live video technologies into web and mobile applications since 2015. We’ve also been building global development teams under our parent company AgilityFeat since 2010. We are a well-established team of international developers with a global base of clients and industry partners — the perfect place for you to take the next step in your career!

Introducing the WebRTC.ventures Training Program

To help you along, we have created the WebRTC.ventures Training Program. We have partnered with Tsahi Levent-Levi of BlogGeek.me and WebRTCCourse.com to provide a select number of applicants with FREE training in WebRTC architecture and application development. In addition to free access to Tsahi’s courses, accepted applicants to this program will have access to Tsahi himself as well as to our team of experts for insight and support as you complete your first WebRTC coding challenge.

After completing the free training and coding challenge, we’ll select finalists to join our team on a full-time basis! You’ll be paired with an experienced developer on a real-world project and contribute code to actual WebRTC applications. After completing a 30-day paid trial successfully, you’ll join our team of WebRTC developers building the applications that the world desperately needs right now!

While it would be ideal if you already have experience with WebRTC, all we require is that you have strong Javascript experience and client communication skills. We will provide the rest of the training you need to become a member of our team of live video application developers.

Our first cohort begins February 1!

Ready to learn more about this opportunity to learn WebRTC for free and to join our team? Apply by January 24 to join our the cohort!

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