We concluded a great 2021 season of WebRTC Live by shining a light on the innovative telecommunication developers from around the world. We invited TADHack founder Alan Quayle to share his favorite hacks of TadHack Global 2021. TADHack is a great endorsement of all the work everyone in our industry is doing to make telecommunications as easy and as accessible to as many people as possible. 

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TAD stands for telecom application development, but it can be anything communications or technology related. The telecoms piece is the root because it’s fundamental to virtually everything. Then come the cool technologies that get laid on top of it.

Members of our team at WebRTC.ventures have participated in them many times. It’s a great opportunity just to stretch your programming muscles, play with some new APIs, learn about other vendors in the space, and just generally do something kind of fun!

TADHack Global had five sponsors in 2021

  1. Symbl.ai (conversational Intelligence)
  2. Jambonz (open source CPaaS)
  3. Subspace (faster than light travel)
  4. AWA Network (SMS)
  5. Telnyx (full suite of programmable communication capabilities.

Local Sponsors: Tata Consulting Services, IBM, Contactable, CSG, Huawei, Globetom.

The most notable hacks of TADHack Global 2021:

Secret Sauce: Mashing Up The Sponsors

Maftuha by mom and son team, Talhah Patelia and Adela Bootha. A single, secure application for all aspects of schooling. The hack addressed the challenges of online learning and cheating. Read their weblog for more!

Learn from the Masters: The Right Way to Present Your Hack

Lily Madar and Steven Goodwin – 4 hacks in one – each presented “the right way.”

  1. Wizard Chess – Play chess with your voice, making it accessible for those with visual impairments or less able motor skills. 
  2. Colloqui11ly – Accessible conferencing solution using TTS and STT
  3. Podcast Annotator – Hands-free note-taking while listening to a podcast stream. 
  4. Unbounding Unbound – Uses SMS capabilities to send messaging to and from a phone.

Go Big or Go Home: The High Risk Hack

Rescuer by Ebtesam Al Haque, Doug Moore, Amy Sliwinski, Muntaser Syed, Vincent Tang, Davindra Tulsi, and Chris Woodle. Autonomous rescue bot with sonar mapping and telecommunications technology to quicken response time of trapped victims. 

Cool for Cool’s Sake

SMS Synthesizer by Jerry Reed. Play music on a synthesizer by sending it an SMS.

For lots more on TADHack Global 2021 and TADHack plans for 2021, visit https://blog.tadhack.com/.

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