Video applications are critical in today’s technology landscape and have played a crucial role in getting the world through the COVID-19 pandemic. Twilio Programmable Video is a great way to get started with building live video apps, in part because it’s straightforward for developers to use.

Product owners, in particular, play a key role in their teams’ ability to deliver a high-quality video application. Thinking about items like call quality, waiting rooms, connectivity tests, and call data will all help the product owner to guide their team into building a more functional video application that users will love.

Pedro Ruiz, our resident superhero agile coach, scrum master, product owner, project lead, shared eight things product owners and leads should consider when using video in their application:

  1. End-user demographics
  2. Latency vs. video quality
  3. Browser permissions
  4. Waiting rooms
  5. Connectivity tests
  6. User flow for rejoining a call
  7. Call data for customer service
  8. Technical prototypes

Read the full post on the Twilio blog: “8 Things Product Owners Should Consider With Video Apps”.

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