As chair of the 2021 WebRTC & Real-Time Applications track for the annual Real Time Communications Conference at Illinois Tech, our CTO Alberto Gonzalez curated an impressive lineup of WebRTC thought leaders. In this post, we’re including video from each of the 2021 WebRTC track talks.

This year, IEEE Chicago was the main sponsor and IIT RTC became an IEEE International Conference. We appreciate IIEE, and all the sponsors, for the financial support that allows these sessions to be recorded. You can view all the recordings from the conference on the Illinois Tech playlist here.

The embedded videos below are in the order they were presented at the conference.

WebRTC Track Talks

A Progress-Report on WebRTC Browser Implementations
Karl Stolley, Illinois Institute of Technology

Beyond the plain-old phone call – the rapid shift of voice communications to “context-based” RTC
Dean Bubley, Disruptive Analysis

TADHack Global 2021 – The Results
Alan Quayle, TADHack

Monitoring is Boring
Lorenzo Mangani, QXIP

Maintainable WebRTC Applications
Justin Williams,

WISH-a-WHIP: WebRTC Ingest for Broadcasting
Lorenzo Miniero, Meetecho

Professional AV with WebRTC
Dan Jenkins, nimbleApe /

Improving Organizational Efficiency with Proper Analytics
Varun Singh, 8×8 /

Pion: Excitement at the Fringe of WebRTC
Sean DuBois,

WebCodecs and the Next Generation of Web Media APIs
Panel: Bernard Aboba (Microsoft), Chris Cunningham (Google), and Paul Adenot (Mozilla)

Until next year, thanks IEEE and IIT!

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