On December 9, 2020, WebRTC.ventures produced our 49th episode of WebRTC Live. Arin’s guest was our own Senior WebRTC Engineer and Developer Evangelist, Germán Goldenstein, to discuss tools and methodologies for debugging WebRTC applications. Germán has been working in the software development industry since 2002 and with WebRTC.ventures since 2015. He is one of the core developers of Interactive Broadcast Solution, a TokBox (now Vonage) product.

“I had a great connection, but the video quality was horrible.”

“Nobody could see nor hear me.”

“The call suddenly died.”

These are common issues in WebRTC, yet understanding why they happened can be challenging. In this WebRTC Live episode, Germán walked us through how to debug an issue in a WebRTC call, tools you can use, and lots more.

Watch Episode #49!


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