A couple of weeks ago, WebRTC.ventures was invited to the ClueCon Developers Conference in Chicago. ClueCon was born 15 years ago and has always been a reference for those in the telecom field.

Aside from the awesome amount of swag and stickers we received, it was great to get up-to-date with open-source projects and to discuss Voice over IP (VoIP), open-source software and hardware, telecommunications, WebRTC, and IoT.

The technology conference is held every summer and hosted by the team behind the FreeSWITCH open-source project. This year’s conference included:

Monday code games and welcome back

The Cloud API Challenge by SignalWire asked attendees to use the SignalWire API. The best demos received great prizes.

Man vs. Machine was a coding competition where developers formed teams to win a series of coding and trivia games.

The Maker Challenge was a custom-built self-driving car race!

FreeCYCLED Hacks was a game whose goal was to use everyday materials to build a contraption that could aim at a bullseye to win a prize.

Great speakers and talks

I enjoyed listening to the speakers throughout the conference. Here are a few talks I was particularly interested in:

“All Roads Lead to WebRTC: An Intro on Janus” by Lorenzo Miniero with Meetecho. In this talk, Lorenzo presented Janus’ latest updates. I found it very interesting to learn about new additions to the Janus project, like the Duktape plugin API, which allows you to build your own Janus plugin using JavaScript. Check it out here.

“SignalWire and Global Microservices” by Evan McGee with SignalWire. Evan discussed the complexities of containerizing real-time applications and how they’ve been able to scale and build microservices for SignalWire’s communications platform.

“Kill your IVR with a Voicebot” by Chad Hart with CWH Consulting. Chad presented about building a voicebot using Google DialogFlow and the problems associated with that. We are proud that Emiliano Pelliccioni, one of WebRTC.Ventures’ senior engineers, was the main developer of this voicebot application.

My own talk: “Lessons Learned Building an AI-Powered Live Streaming Camera”

In this talk, I discussed the design and development process of a live streaming application running on a Raspberry Pi and powered with image detection. I talked about some open-source media servers and frameworks to achieve that, the pros and cons of some of these solutions, what I learned from building this application, and some of the potential use cases of AI on WebRTC applications.

You can watch my presentation here (1:30:08) and view my slides here.


A conference isn’t complete without a series of networking events! We had the chance to speak with relevant founders and engineers in the field of new telephony. We met the people behind some open-source projects and discussed new RTC use cases and problems and solutions for current projects.

The conference lasted four days and included networking events every night. There was a Gigabit Reception with video games and karaoke, a Land and Sea Extravaganza at a beautiful venue, and even a boat tour of the Chicago River!

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