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August 2019

WebRTC.ventures re-launches the WebRTC Standards webinar series

As published on prweb.com.

WebRTC.ventures, leading software integrator of live video into web and mobile applications, is pleased to announce that they are re-launching the popular webinar series “WebRTC Live,” which was started under the name WebRTC Standards. WebRTC Live is a webinar series targeted to technology leaders and developers interested in understanding the latest use cases and technical updates to the popular coding standard for live video.

WebRTC is an increasingly popular standard for live video and video chat in web and mobile applications, and is used by millions of people globally in applications as wide ranging as the leading social media platforms to custom telehealth and education applications.

“Leading this webinar series is a natural fit for our team,” Sime continued, “since we work with WebRTC every day for our clients and so we can bring our experience with different use cases to the discussion of the technical standards.”

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April 2019

Arin Sime to chair WebRTC Track at 2019 IIT RTC conference

As published on prweb.com

WebRTC.ventures CEO and founder Arin Sime will be the 2019 chair of the WebRTC track for the Illinois Institute of Technology’s Real-Time Communications conference.  The conference will be held at IIT’s campus in Chicago on October 14-16, 2019.

Our team is pleased to be part of the conference again, and Sime noted that “our team has been a regular part of the IIT RTC conference for the last several years as speakers, exhibitors, and attendees, and we have found it an excellent way to learn the latest trends in real-time communications from academia and corporate speakers.  It’s also provided an opportunity for us to network with industry peers as well as meet IIT graduate students entering the workforce.”

Sime continued, “I’m excited to work with the IIT RTC team to make the WebRTC track a compelling combination of tech talks, use case exploration, and panel discussions from experts and practitioners using WebRTC to create communication applications.”

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April 2019

WebRTC.Ventures Selected to Participate in Startup Alley at DownRiver in Richmond

As published on prweb.com

WebRTC Ventures — a provider of custom, real-time applications with video, voice, and data exchange — has been selected to present their new product, UniWellness, a telemental health application, in the Startup Alley -The Virginia Venture Summit at DownRiver April 24, 2019 at Bon Secours Redskins Training Center in Richmond.

Activation Capital and Venture Forum RVA hosts the DownRiver event in order to bring together people from across Virginia’s entrepreneurial ecosystems for a day of networking, learning, and collaboration. Some of the Commonwealth’s most promising early-stage companies are chosen to present on Startup Alley.

“Being selected for the DownRiver Startup Alley is very exciting for us,” states Arin Sime, WebRTC.ventures and UniWellness CEO and Founder. “We look forward to being part of this event. It is a great way for us to showcase how UniWellness bridges the gap in student mental health care by expanding and enhancing the reach of university counseling centers.”

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April 2019

WebRTC.Ventures To Exhibit at the American Telemedicine Conference 2019

As published on preweb.com

WebRTC Ventures — a provider of custom, real-time applications with video, voice, and data exchange — today announces that they will present their new product, UniWellness, a telemental health application, at the American Telemedicine Conference April 14-16, 2019 in New Orleans.

Arin Sime, Founder & CEO of WebRTC.ventures and UniWellness said, “We care about student mental health. One team member’s son died by suicide in college, another team member struggled to access counseling services on her campus, and I worry about my sons when I learned of the student mental health crisis in the United States. We felt compelled to act.”

UniWellness, a HIPAA compliant mental health platform expands and enhances the reach of university counseling centers.

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September 2018

WebRTC.ventures Hires Ginger Germani as its Director of Telehealth Accounts

WebRTC Ventures — a provider of custom, real-time applications with video, voice, and data exchange — today announces the hiring of Ginger Germani as its Director of Telehealth Accounts.

“From conversations with our clients, we know that there is a  rapidly growing need for telehealth solutions. Healthcare professionals are realizing this immediate need but don’t want to wait months and months to offer a finished telehealth product. So, WebRTC.ventures has developed and can license an already-built telehealth platform which can be easily customized and quickly released to market”, Arin Sime, Founder and CEO of WebRTC.ventures said. “Ginger will lead our Telehealth account sales, and is responsible for outreach to medical and mental health clinics or organizations who are looking to expand their reach and impact, as well as improve care, through our secure live video solution.”

Germani joins the WebRTC.ventures’ team with a degree in Economics from Randolph-Macon College in Virginia and over twenty years of experience in relationship based, custom business solutions from marketing to commercial lending. She seeks to leave everyone she meets, either personally or professionally, better informed and on a successful path.

With two sons suffering from varying degrees of mental illness, Germani has spent years navigating mental health care. In 2017, Germani’s oldest son, age 19, lost his battle with depression and anxiety to suicide. After his tragic death, she understood that her purpose in life is to use her skill set to change the landscape and accessibility of quality mental healthcare.

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June 2018

Introducing a Licensed Expert Consultation Platform under your Label & Brand!

Are you looking for a custom real time video and audio licensed expert consultation platform to further support and engage customers? Are you looking for an already-built platform that can be easily customized and quickly released to market? If so, you are in luck! WebRTC Ventures recently announced a new product offering: an expert consultation platform which you can license under your logo and brand.

Do you have customers that you meet with in person?

Well, in this day-and-age, customers are looking for convenient ways to connect face-to-face no matter the place. Now is the time to give them want they not only want, but expect.

Maybe you are looking for an application in which you can host online appointments?

Are you in the one of the following fields?

  • Medical/Telehealth
  • Counseling
  • Legal
  • Accounting
  • Online Tutoring & Language Learning
  • and more….

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WebRTC Ventures Partners with Train-With to Develop & Launch a Live Video Fitness Training Application

When Train-With’s founder, Rachel Aram decided to create a platform which provides one the ability to take a group fitness class or train with a favorite trainer regardless of time and location, she turned to the WebRTC.ventures team to get professional help in developing and launching her mobile live video fitness training application.

Here’s an example of how Train-With can be used — you are traveling, or you move to another state but still want to work out with your former fitness class or trainer, you can still do that remotely right from your tablet or phone.

“I had a lot of options of developers in the San Francisco Bay Area but wanted a cohesive team of experts in live streaming technology; so I chose webRTC.ventures”, said Aram.

WebRTC technology was chosen for this application because Aram wanted two-sided, peer-to-peer capabilities. In other words, the participant can see the instructor and the instructor can see the participant. The instructor also has the ability to turn on the live stream and provide encouragement, suggestions, etc.

Therefore, finding a globally recognized team with much webRTC experience was crucial in order to successfully see Aram’s Train-With vision come to fruition.

“I have been thrilled at the professionalism, expertise, and quality webRTC.ventures provided Train-With”, concluded Aram.

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March 2018

WebRTC.ventures Announces MySportsBox – A New Way to Distribute Sports Video Content 

Get on board the Video Consumption Digital Transformation. MySportsBox.video is a customizable application for sports channel networks looking for an alternative way to distribute sports video content and reach their viewers.

We saw an opportunity to build a better experience to watch video on-demand in a new way by building custom apps, on top of the leading platform in the market: Amazon Alexa.

Our app focuses on screen enabled devices which sports fans will love in order to engage with their teams and favourite sports!

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November 2017

November 2017

WebRTC.ventures Announces Free WebRTC Training & Tutorials eCourse

Maybe you have heard about webRTC, want to get started but first, need to learn more? Well, we have created a free WebRTC Training & Tutorials eCourse just for you.

Each week of the series, you will receive an email to your inbox with a downloadable eBook written by one of our expert developers.

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October 2017

Our team at WebRTC.ventures often performs assessments and code reviews of Tokbox and other WebRTCbased applications, and callstats.io is a great tool to support those efforts. callstats.io is a great way to track any errors and performance statistics that your video app is having, and to diagnose those WebRTC related errors.

callstats.io provides many great integrations to WebRTC frameworks, and now we’ve partnered with them to build an integration to one of the most popular WebRTC CPaaS‘s out there: Tokbox. Our team at WebRTC.ventures works very closely with Tokbox and callstats.io on a variety of projects, and so it was a natural fit to build this integration.

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October 2017

As mentioned in a past post, 0ur WebRTC.ventures team of developers have participated in a number of TADHack events and even won coveted prizes and Awards  for our innovative telecom app prototypes…and we have done it again with our TADHack, privacy aware contact card- QrCall!

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September 2017

Here at webRTC.ventures, we like the quote “In the social age, knowledge is only powerful by sharing what you know” by Charlie-Helen Robinson.

So when Tsahi Levent-Levi  of  TestRTC asked us to work with him on testing how many sessions a Kurento server can hold, we were not only honored, but excited to help out.

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September 2017

Webrtc.ventures offers free email course on the future of video in healthcare and telehealth, examining the inherent security advantages of a telehealth application based on webrtc video technology.

Telehealth is gaining much attention lately due to its many benefits to both providers and patients like: reduced healthcare costs, higher quality patient care, easier follow-up appointments which lead to reduced hospital readmission rates, improved quality of life for patients and access to quality providers for remote patients… just to name a few.

Arin Sime, CEO of WebRTC Ventures  said, “We have been contacted by many companies interested in learning more about how to apply WebRTC video communications in telehealth applications, and so we decided to offer this email course to share the best practices that we’ve learned working with telehealth solutions in the US and Australia.”

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August 2017

0ur WebRTC.ventures team of developers have previously participated in a number of TADHack events and even won coveted prizes and Awards in 2015, 2016 and 2017 for our innovative telecom app prototypes.

Teams are challenged to create a hack or prototype using sponsor telecom technologies to solve a local or global problem.

Our winning hacks included:

  • WebRTC.ventures’ Winning Hack 2017- Telemergency Line App
  • WebRTC.ventures’ Winning Hack 2016- Virtual Healthcare Triage App
  • WebRTC.ventures’ Winning Hack 2015- Apple Watch Real-Time Emergency Communication App

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August 2017

We are proud to announce that WebRTC.ventures will host TADHack Global 2017 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In addition to Buenos Aires, this year’s 2017 event will take place in over 30 other cities across the globe from September 22-24 and September 29-October 1.

Our WebRTC.ventures team of developers have previously participated in a number of TADHack events and even won coveted prizes and Awards in 2015, 2016 and 2017 for our innovative telecom app prototypes, but this is the first year we will be hosting.

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May 2017


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September 2016


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